Kid Focused and Family Friendly

Each Sunday morning at 10 AM. Families are welcome and kids are encouraged to have fun.

Kid Focused and Family Friendly

We think families are the most important part of our community. We also know kids are the most Important part of families. That Is why created a kid focused and friendly environment.

Each month, we tackle a new characteristic we want our own children to know. Each characteristic finds Its basis In Scripture and address practical areas of life through 3 basic truths; I can trust God no matter what, I  need to make the wise choice, I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Each week, we focus on making sure kids get the attention they need and families are comfortable together. We start with time of worship for everyone. Then we spend some time having fun with the kids while teaching them about God. Afterwards, the kids break off for activities that reinforce the message that week. While the kids are doing that, we focus on the adults with a more mature look at the same lesson.

By doing things this way, we are able to easily help families connect In conversation about what they've learned. It also help adults learn the basics or get a refresher on things they my have learned when they were young. Either way, everyone Is welcome no matter where along the journey we meet.