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US History Part 1

US History Part 1

This course will cover topics in US History beginning with a study of the pre colonial indigenous peoples of North America and working through the period of westward expansion which followed the Civil War. We will also cover topics related to the American Government including its origins, development, structure and functions. This course will be textbook independent and students will be encouraged to discover a broad range of resources related to each topic, to include historical essays, video documentaries, internet research and printed texts. A list of suggested materials will be provided with each topic, as well as recommended textbooks for students who learn better with highly structured materials. All assessments will be assigned with each student's abilities taken into consideration and highly adaptable to allow students to rely on their individual strengths. To demonstrate what they've learned.

Ages 12 and up

Enrollment of 6 learners max

Materials: Parents should plan to purchase at least one reference book based on your students age and interests from the list that will be provided.

Teacher: Jenn Tipton
Offered Class Period 3 (1 pm)