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Welcome to Pathway Homeschool Learning Community. We are a co-op/tutorial hybrid located in Glen Burnie. Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for neuro divergent homeschoolers and their families to come to learn, share experiences and be a community for each other.

We offer a variety of both academic and elective/enrichment classes for all ages. Our classes do list recommended ages to provide an idea of the ability level of the class, however we are flexible and will discuss individual learner needs with you.

Parents are required to be on site. You do not necessarily have to be in class with your child unless your support is helping them be successful. We have a family area available. We do ask for some parent participation such as assisting in a class, helping with cleaning up at the end of the day or supervising lunch. Our families are an important part of our program and our community!

Please be sure to read our Parent Handbook

Mission Statement

Our goal at Pathway Homeschool Learning community is to provide a welcoming and safe place for neurodivergent homeschoolers