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Pathway HLC Schedule and Program Fees

Our Learning Community meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am - 3 pm with a one hour lunch break at 12 pm. Students should bring a lunch. We do have access to a microwave.
Classes are offered a la carte. Your student does not need to attend classes every class period.

Shadow days are available for families to visit our program. Students are able to attend classes for the day with the goal of determining if Pathway HLC is a good fit for your family.

Please reach out to us at homeschoolcommunity@pathwaygb.org with any questions or if you would like to schedule a Shadow day for your family.

Admin and Building Fees- Covers the cost of using the buildings, including wear and tear, utilities, bookkeeping for staff, and a custodian.

Early Bird discount

$225/1st student
$100/2nd student
$50/3rd student
$25/ 4th student

2024-25 Classes

Class Period 1 (10 am- 10:50 am)

  • History of Science (ages 10+) $650/year + Supply fee TBD
  • Ready to Read (ages 5-10) $650/year + $50 supply fee
  • Café Forum (ages 13+) Volunteer opportunity

Class Period 2 (11 am- 11:50 am)

  • U.S. History 2 (ages 12+) $650/year
  • Zoology (suggested ages 6-10)   $400/year + $ 35 supply fee

Lunch (12:00-1:00 pm)

Class Period 3 (1:00 pm-1:50 pm)

  • S.P.I.R.E. Reading (ages 10+)      $650/year + $55 supply fee
  • Exploring Fiber Arts (ages 10+)    $200/semester + supply fee ($50-$70)  *Semester 1 only
  • Digital Photography (ages 12+) $200/semester + supply fee TBD                * Semester 2 only

Class Period 4 (2:00 pm-2:50 pm)

  • Adapted Novel Studies (ages 10+)

Clean up (2:50 pm-3:15 pm)

Outdoor time during lunch
Learning Community "Store"